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Holy Grounds, a family owned coffee shop in Alhambra, needs its community’s support. In order to carry on hosting events in Their courtyard, they need to add some renovations. Once accomplishing this, they will be able to acquire a beer & wine license and host a variety of events, fully rounding out their business and affording extended hours.

Owner, Eddi Ortiz, has been a LAFC supporter since day one and knows what it means to be black and gold. He lives the club’s values every day in his personal and professional life. 


Eddi and co-owner Steve Boland have invested in their community for years and deserve our support in return. Please donate whatever you can so that we can reach our goal of $20,000. This sum includes all construction and permits. 110 Football will cover the cost of all fees associated with this listing. 


Please donate what you can.

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